Anonymous asked:
Greetings, Team LoveShock! I recently discovered you guys, and think you are pretty cool. I love how adorable Ringo and Jane are, and I think it's really sweet how fatherly Butch is to Jane. You guys are definitely my favorite team. Keep up the good work! ^-^

Wow Tumblr didn’t tell me that I got this message NEAT

Ahem anyways oh gosh, I really appreciate your comment! I’m glad you like these guys and thank you very much for your encouragement as well ahaha. Especially what with this downtime that’s been going on due to school and well, general slow art production, it’s so nice to know that a few people still stick around and show interest in my work regarding these guys. I’m always so surprised about that, honestly haha. But no really this is such a nice comment, I’m really thankful guy! waaa ;m;

Anonymous asked:
So can we haz link to main blog then? I still wanna follow you.

The link to my main blog is in the about us section of the blog! Just click it and it’s the second link down. Thanks for taking interest in watching me there too haha. Like I said, I’m not completely done with this blog or anything!

dead8ug asked:
Sooooooo mission 7?

Has no bearing on me because I’ve backed out of PMD? Yeah, that happened a while ago, I’m sorry I never really mentioned it on here. Not gonna lie, I’m still kinda upset that I did but I guess it’s better in the long run.

So basically anyone following this blog because of  PMD related stories or what have you, the team isn’t involved in that anymore. So feel free to unfollow cause I doubt there’ll be little pmd related things here anymore.

However that isn’t to say that I’m throwing the guys by the wayside now and they aren’t doing anything anymore. In fact, besides covering backstory, I’ve come up with a new ongoing story with them that I”ll need some time to flesh out. So I’m in the process of figuring that out. Though when I do get around to making those comics, they’ll mostly go up on DA for sure. I might post a page or something on here occasionally, but for the most part it’s something that’ll go up on DA.

Again, I’m sorry I forgot to announce that here (I just kinda figured it…didn’t really matter waugh).

Ringro really likes dresses golly

Basically I just love drawing Ringo with ridiculous angry expressions

I know you guys don’t really like it when i go all sappy so i’ll keep this short

GOD DANG 305 PEOPLE FOLLOW THIS THING??? okay actually 304 cause i follow myself BUT dang that’s just so…surreal to me pff. Anyway thank you very much to each of you out there who’ve stuck with me through the stupid things these kids do geez. I know I take forever to answer these questions but I do try to answer all of them! Anyways yeah thank you again and I really appreciate you guys sticking with me!

Anonymous asked:
Curious Anon! Do you usually do backgrounds first or last?

Most of the time yes I do. Specifically I do the bg first for comics and for more detailed/more rendered images. Though if its just some kinda doodle that i suddenly want to put a bg on then it definitely (probably obviously haha) gets tacked on last. Also hi hi again curious anon fellow!

Anonymous asked:
How tall are you guys? :D

I actually answered this one before (and managed to not delete it wowzers)!


[Welp. It’s been a while since I wanted to draw Jane from Team Loveshock and finally decided to do it. Unsurprisingly, Led somehow found his way into the picture as well…

I hope you don’t mind this terrible little fanart, CheesyCrocs! But Jane is adorable and also tiny Pokémon should stick together uwu]

Ahh thank you very much, this is super adorable!! Hardly terrible!!! Haha I keep forgetting how tiny joltiks are, even compared to Jane haha. Ahh but yes thank you once again, I love it a lot aahlsjlskd SO CUTE OKAY


sneeku peeku at 2.0 app art (finally?????????). The thing I like about this is that I found a pretty decent way to paint, though I definitely think I can do better!!! practice ahoy yap. Also while I was drawing this I listened to this on repeat and I could totally imagine that he was humming this hahaha -LAMEO-

Ahaha may as well post it over here too. TWO MORE TO GO