[Welp. It’s been a while since I wanted to draw Jane from Team Loveshock and finally decided to do it. Unsurprisingly, Led somehow found his way into the picture as well…

I hope you don’t mind this terrible little fanart, CheesyCrocs! But Jane is adorable and also tiny Pokémon should stick together uwu]

Ahh thank you very much, this is super adorable!! Hardly terrible!!! Haha I keep forgetting how tiny joltiks are, even compared to Jane haha. Ahh but yes thank you once again, I love it a lot aahlsjlskd SO CUTE OKAY

Quick translation: “How do you expect me to teach this kid anything when YOU can’t  understand me?!”

What with her not being able to play or do much other than sit around she’s been pretty bored lately. She definitely appreciates the company!

Yup E6

If I get the chance, e6 will end up being the continuation of events after m5 instead of m6. Complications etc. got in the way of m6 happening blah blah blah

Thanks to mir I’m totally tempted to make a set of pictures of a pmd/animal crossing crossover now oh nooo

Ahh okay confession time. I feel really bad about doing this, but I couldn’t really come up with a decent way to answer these kinds of asks towards Jane without it getting pretty repetitive. Sorry to give such a lame cop out answer about it.

Annnd while I’m at it, I’m also gonna mention that I went ahead and cleared out a good chunk of the asks that I had sitting in the box. Most of them were for situations that were long past or ones I don’t quite have the idea to answer them with. I’m really sorry about that! 

Though I guess on the upside since I don’t feel pressured by these really old asks, youuu guysss could ask more questions now if you want? I’m sorry I’m really slow about answering these! I really do appreciate it when you guys give me questions to answer. It still surprises me that so many of you are still interested in this blog and pay attention to the goofy stuff that happens here.

BLAH BLAH BLAH TL;DR go away cheesy


I guess these guys need a hug after what’s been going on with em. Also I just wanted to doodle myself with em oops

oooooooh sure why not i’ll reblog this and the other one here. I haven’t been able to post here in a while u__u. Oh no its a visual representation of meee 

Answering a couple of old asks! Ahh I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to get to these, I promise I’m not ignoring them! ;m;

Another thing for my blogging class, this time featuring Amie. I hope you don’t mind if I used her for a (prettybad) lineart instruction thing, haha. I just had a thought that these two haven’t actually met in any canon manner, so I just came up with a typical Jane greeting mode. I imagine that these two would have some pretty fun conversations hahaha.


Was listening to “Fanfare of The Heart” and I was like…”I GOTTA DRAW A PARADE =A=;;;;;;;;;”

These are the sketches I’ve got so far xD but I think it’d look even BETTER if there were more characters one it ;u;

if anyone has a character that was adopted from the daycare at around the time of M2/E2/M3 then saay ouo 

Here most of the characters are either Riona’s friends, suggestions of collab partners, or characters given to me as love interest suggestions xDD

Riona leading

- April (c) Jakenova 
- Gale (c) Miamaha 
- Lee (c) Lonewolfgirl 
- Loki (c) Drakke148 (?)
- Sugar (c) Pikacreator 
- Snow (c) 8blueangel8
- Jane (c) Cheesycroc
- Aku (c) InazumaOkami

HAhaha oh dear, I remember I was scrolling through my dashboard pretty quickly and I nearly passed this up when I noticed my username there and I was like “wait what—OHH!” Aw thanks a lot for including Jane in this!! I appreciate it heeehee. And yeah give the lovely lassie more pogeys if y’fit the description. :V

Featuring Roland from (Dude’s a secret assassin dohoho)